Chamber orchestra Wednesday at Batavia Armory

Free concert is at Armory Wednesday
      The Evergreen Center will present an evening of chamber music featuring two Mozart concertos Wednesday, November 28.
      Angelo Santoro has organized the Evergreen Center for Nature, Arts, and Music, which will present its opening musical performance at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Batavia Armory Town Hall, 65 N. Second St.
      The chamber orchestra will perform the Mozart Clarinet Concerto in E-major and the Quintet for Piano, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, and Bassoon in E-flat major.
      Anyone who appreciates music is welcome, and there is no charge. The Village of Batavia is the host.
The Evergreen Center
      The Evergreen Center for Nature, Arts, and Music is devoted to creativity and to the appreciation of nature. It is located on Old State Route 74 on the property that has been home to Santoro Engineering Company since 1968.
      Mr. Santoro said he has walked the acres surrounding those buildings with a deep sense of joy and peace. He said his hope now is that this property can continue to be a place where nature and passion meet development and expertise.
      This site will now be used for education in the arts and sciences, while retaining its natural beauty. The name reflects that it will be a place of constant renewal and growth: “Evergreen Center for Nature, Arts, and Music.”
      Its goals and priorities include:
     1. To respect the green space and leave it as intact as possible, saving the trees and the swale around the creek area from destruction or development. As Clermont County follows in the path of Hamilton County, it becomes more and more congested, crowded, paved, and bleak. Our young people need to know about nature, to respect and love it, for their own humanity as well as for environmental concerns. They need to know how food is grown, and how people can live with nature. This property can have trails and labs and gardens—but these will be built and used to promote a respect for all growing things.
     2. To promote the study of the property’s natural habitat and its creatures. We will devote floor space in one of the buildings to house equipment and workspace for studies in botany and biology.
     3. To continue the use of the back building as a musical arts building and art gallery, and to expand it.
     4. To develop an art school in the office building. Many of the rooms offer excellent natural light, and there is ample space for studios in all media.
     5. Science, art, and music are usually viewed as separate entities. The Evergreen Center will encourage interdisciplinary projects, so that people both young and old can explore and grow in their varied interests.