Batavia offers home tax abatements

Batavia offers tax abatements for home improvements

Batavia Village Council has a tax-abatement option for residential properties.

The Village Council created a Community Reinvestment Area that encompasses almost all existing residences plus business properties downtown and on West Main Street. The designated area does not include large undeveloped parcels. Village Administrator Dennis Nichols said the village will consider new development separately and will discuss options with developers about payments in lieu of taxes to support community improvements.

Owners of single-family, two-family and three-family houses in the area are automatically eligible for 100% tax abatements for 10 to 15 years, and business owners are eligible with individual agreements. Property owners can get application forms at the Batavia Town Hall.

The abatements will be an incentive to redevelop empty housing lots and a tax advantage for homeowners.

The village did a housing survey and map for a community reinvestment area, which are linked below. The tax-abatement area is about 850 acres and includes 470 single-family houses, 12 two-families, 5 three-families, 14 buildings of 4 or more apartments, 16 condominium units, and a small assisted living facility.

Reinvestment Area map

Reinvestment Area legislation