Batavia to renovate historic building for Town Hall

Batavia approves purchase of Corbin Armory

October 26, 2016

The Batavia Village Council has bought the 2012 Corbin Armory for conversion as a town hall and municipal center.

Owner Douglas Auxier sold the facility for $750,000 and donated $550,000 of the purchase price to the village, leaving a balance of $200,000 for the acquisition.

The Ohio 2017-18 Capital Budget earmarks $300,000 for renovations to the building. The village will invest additional funds to complete the renovation.

Batavia will install an elevator, replace the floor in the large hall, replace air conditioning units, improve the heating and ventilation system, upgrade first-floor restrooms, install restroom facilities on the second floor, pave the parking areas, and make other improvements. The elevator is the largest expense item. The building already has restroom facilities on the first floor and third floor.

The cost for improvements is estimated at $500,000, including the $300,000 state grant.
Mayor John Thebout said he expects to house the village offices on the second floor and the police offices on the third floor.

State Senator Joe Uecker initiated the capital budget request at Mayor Thebout's request. Senator Uecker is chairman of the Ohio Senate Committee on State and Local Government.